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Tuesday, May 20, 2008
Why the Internet is a Good Thing, Reason 197

How else could we see an African Grey Parrot doing an imitation of the media reporting on Obama? Now tell that parrot doesn't just sound a little bit like Chris Matthews.

Which brings me to my tip of the day...

If you ever get the chance spend some time with a friend of yours that has one of those African Grey Parrots, don't get one yourself but just befriend someone who has one. They are highly intelligent birds and if I remember correctly there was a researcher at the University of Arizona who was working with several of them to discover elements of human speech.

The real fun with the African Grey is that the bird picks up words very quickly. If you were to spend some time with one, say early morning during the breakfast hour, you could teach it say things like "Hail Nixon!" or laugh like Ross Perot or do lines from old Ren & Stimpy cartoons...

Not like I speak from personal experience or anything.

Btw... every child dreams of growing up, running for President of the United States, and having a bird mimic their campaign slogans. What a country.