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Wednesday, April 23, 2008
Pot Calling Kettle Black

Piece in tomorrow's Wall Street Journal from our very own Governor Napolitano railing on the costs that federal actions impose on the states. Just so you aren't confused on who is responsible for the largest state budget deficit in the nation that was run up on Napoltano's watch:

There are dozens more examples. Even if the federal government paid up on only a few of its debts mentioned here, Arizona would not be in deficit this year. It's that simple.

Actually if Arizona didn't increase spending beyond the rate of inflation and population growth, it would be in surplus.

I hate to break it to the Governor but the history of the feds sticking it to the states on costs is a long one, look it up under the heading "unfunded mandates, federal government." So stop trying to blame our budget problems on the feds and accept some personal responsibility. Come on there you go, take that first step.

A slowing economy is never easy. But this year, the states' fiscal crunch is being made worse. That's because misguided policies put in place by Congress and the Bush administration have either forced states to spend money or driven away tax revenue.

Before anyone in Washington seriously contemplates a second "stimulus package" aimed at reviving the economy, I would offer two succinct pieces of advice: First, take a Hippocratic Oath to do no harm to state budgets. Second, ensure that Washington "pays its bills," just as we require of everyone else.

Yeah it's a shame that the Bush Administration and Congress have decided to resolve their fiscal problems by passing costs onto the states, after all that is something that Napolitano would never do to other levels of government:

A proposal by the governor to have thousands of criminals serve time in county jails instead of state prisons could break Maricopa County's budget and fill jails beyond capacity, top administrators said Tuesday.

The move could add another 2,150 inmates yearly to Maricopa County jails and cost the county an additional $58 million in operational costs yearly, county finance officials estimated. That estimate does not include the price to build another jail or the land it would sit on.

The plan, part of Gov. Janet Napolitano's budget proposal unveiled late last week, aims at helping close a state budget shortfall that she pegs at nearly $1.3 billion next year.


Yes I know it was a Republican Legislature that passed those budgets that jacked up spending but the last I looked the Republic leadership was creating ways to balance the budget, not writing op-ed pieces blaming the Feds for their spending problems.