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Monday, April 14, 2008
Just a Matter of Priority

Over the past week or so, there is hardly a peep in the largest newspaper in Arizona concerning the largest state budget in the nation. So while the AZ Republic doesn't want to discuss the fact that the State will run out of money next month it does want to spill some serious ink giving voice to tenured faculty who are forecasting the end of Western Civilization.

Twice over the last 7 days the Republic has printed material involving University of Arizona professor Guy McPherson who is predicting the "post-industrial Stone Age" and that the only way that you the individual reader will be alive in 10 years is " will be because you've figured out how to forage locally."

Coyote Blog has a great write-up of McPherson. Personally my favorite line is:

"I am trying to inform people, not scare them. I do not benefit from peak oil or spreading the word about it. Indeed, it will cost me my 401(k), my 403(b), and the job I love, and writing about it has been costly to my so-called career."

I wasn't aware that a 401(k) or university faculty positions would be of any value after the Apocalypse. You would think he would be taking his money and investing in backyard storage tanks and ammo rather than in investment funds that have penalties for early withdrawal.

Leave him aside for the moment, why does the Republic run this crap instead of about the immediate problem of how local government is going to pay its bills? Done right, the Viewpoint section of the Republic could be one of the most important pieces of opinion real estate in the Arizona. Instead the Republic uses it to give vent to people who are better off writing the sequel to Logan's Run.