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Wednesday, March 19, 2008
Raising the Stakes

A few thoughts on the Obama speech from yesterday from the vantage point of my Vegas hotel room...

When you are backed into a corner like Obama was on the Reverend Wright folly what do you do? If you are Obama you change the subject and raise the stakes. You change the subject from Reverend Wright to being about race in general. You say yes what Wright said was despicable but you know even my grandmother has problems on race, it's all something we need to get through. So you can say you dealt with the issue at the same time you change the subject.

A common criticism about Obama is that he's all talk and few specifics, I didn't see that change in this speech. Obama kept talk about race and how we need to meet the challenges but he has spent 20 years in the congregation of a man who has said the most disgusting and despicable things this side of Don Imus. Some claim that Wright's church is no different than other black-led congregations but that point is irrelevant. From his wedding, to the baptism of his children, to the large amounts of donations he has made; Obama has locked into the community of a church led by a hateful man.

Obama is trying to claim the mantle of of the agent of racial change and reconciliation; his speech is being lionized by the media for just that However ask yourself, what has Oabama done either in his political career or personal life to further that goal? Ask yourself whether any of the great Americans who did so much to heal the racial divide of this country, MLK and Lincoln, had as spiritual guides and surrogate fathers somebody who was filled with such hate.

Wretchard said that a man who is willing to pay a fair price is very hard to con; conversely those who get conned are those who are blinded by their greed, who are trying to get something for nothing. There is nothing in Obama's personal life or political career which has indicated that he will offer anything of substance in this regard. Instead he offers his political candidacy as a vessel of redemption, to vote for him is the chance for the American electorate to show its moral evolution and absolve the sins of the national past. Ignore the important choices the man has made in a wife and spiritual leader, the choice you need to make is in him

Obama has thrown down the gauntlet, doubled down his bets. Pursue the Reverend Wright story only at the peril of reopening the racial wounds of the country. Who will take up the challenge?

One person has, who will follow?