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Monday, March 10, 2008
Obama Delenda Est

I think Obama is going to look at his failure to win the Texas and Ohio primaries last week as a major missed opportunity. He wins both and perhaps Clinton drops out, he didn't win either and Clinton loves to fight probably all the way to Pennsylvania next month.

The 7 weeks between Ohio/Texas and Pennsylvania may be a political lifetime. I thought Obama would come down to earth at some time, nobody's honeymoon goes on forever. However the fact that in the last few weeks Clinton's campaign bounce coincides with Tony Rezko, NAFTA gate with the Canadians, and various kerfluffles involving his advisor's "monster" comment and the way America seems to anger his wife... well that's not good.

Not good in the sense that the Clinton campaign is looking for any excuse to fight all the way to the convention. I know Zonitics alumnus Special Agent Johnny Utah is wondering how far Hillary Clinton is willing to take this considering there is no way she can win overtake Obama without the superdelegates. I think Clinton's strategy is this:

Fight it out to a stalemate in the pledged delegates so that is she cannot win without the super delegates, neither can Obama.

At that point, the nomination is in the superdelegates' hands and make no mistake about it, while we can argue till the Cardinals make it to the Super Bowl what moral obligation those superdelegates have in terms of voting, they can vote for whomever they want and my guess is the predominant criteria is who has the best chance of winning in November.

So Clinton's second objective between now and the convention in Denver is to show that she is the better choice than Obama in that regard. She'll not only show it by demonstrating momentum, but by also ripping down Obama. That's where NAFTA gate comes in and the 3 AM phone call, showing that Obama isn't ready for the big time. That's where proxy attacks on Rezko come in to show that Obama is just another Chicago pol. She'll fight to seat the Michigan and Florida delegations but my guess is that if the momentum swings her way she'll go for a re-vote.

I cannot see either of them accepting a joint ticket. This is a battle to the finish. For the Clintons, a Hillary presidency is about a Clinton restoration and enhances Bill's legacy. I'll leave this ultimately to her biographer, but my guess is that she's been working for this moment for all her life and there's way some upstart from Illinois is going to get in her way.

Would Hillary do scorched earth and ruin Obama in an effort to gain the nomination if that meant weakening the ticket for November? This is the woman who managed bimbo alerts, to discredit and destroy the women that her husband cheated on her with, just to keep his political star alive. A woman who would do that to her marriage and her self-esteem sold her soul a very long time ago

For her to be fulfilled, Obama delenda est

There is just no other way.