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Saturday, February 16, 2008
Conversations on a Plane

While I was on a plane earlier in the week, the guy in the seat next to me told me that Congressman Shadegg had announced his retirement.

After a few minutes of expressing our mutual surprise and fond memories of Shadegg, the conversation then turned to who would try and succeed him. The first person my seatmate suggested was Phoenix Mayor Gordon. My initial reaction was "No way, he just got re-elected."
Well you know the rest of the story. Mayor Gordon quickly announced he wasn't interested in the position... yes no one thought he would run. However when I got home and checked both the newspapers and Gordon's official statement, I noticed something missing.

Nobody said it was inappropriate for an elected official, who was barely a month into his new term, to start running for another office. I know a good politician is always looking for the next rung up the ladder but I still think they're cleaning up from Gordon's inauguration.