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Tuesday, January 22, 2008
Laying Low at STA

I know there are some readers of this blog who attend St. Thomas the Apostle church in Phoenix and those readers also know that I go there as well. If those readers are looking for me to comment on the ongoing controversy at STA's school, my reply... is not yet and perhaps never. I really don't enough of the details yet and while I have some strong suspicions about why things happened the way they did, I don't know enough to make much more of a public stand than to give Father John my support and prayers.

If you are not up to speed at what has been going at STA, last week the pastor informed the principal that her contract would not be renewed. Said principal was not only well beloved but also led the only school in the state, public or private, to win a national Blue Ribbon award for academic excellence. Needless to say, the parish is abuzz with "excitement." You can follow the controversy in the Arizona Republic or at a town hall at Parish Hall tomorrow at 6:30 PM. I

The few things I will say....

1) This reminds me of a few months ago when my family and I were camping in the north country and for Sunday services, we attended a church in the nearby town. Afterwards I went to get a cup of coffee at a nearby gas station and walked into a group of angry parishioners holding their weekly, informal gripe session about the priest. Their sense of urgency and passion touched my heart but I had to remember that I was only hearing half of the story and I had to keep neutral. I keep them in my prayers but dealing with a worked-up laity is not the proverbial saucer where issues may be poured to cool. Add in good old fashioned school politics and well...

2) If you are looking for a topic to write a book or a Ph.D. dissertation concerning leadership, my guess is this would be a good one... it's up to you to pick the angle.

3) My guess, and it's only guess, is that this has been brewing for a very long time.