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Wednesday, January 9, 2008
A 3 Hour Tour

With respect to Special Agent Johnny Utah, I have not met a tragic fate over the preparation of delicious pork products but rather spent the past few weeks in southern California.

The supposed highlight of the trip was a cruise down the length of the Baja. This was my first such vacation and I had no idea what to expect; all I can say is that if your main goal is to eat and drink too much then the sea-going life is for you. If it isn't, then just take the direct flight to Cabo.

BTW, the actual highlight of my trip was yet another trip to Disneyland and for the first time the kids got to come

A few observations about being away from it all for a few weeks.....

1) Apparently Hillary Clinton is the Risen Lord because apparently in a little more than the requisite 3 days her political fortunes had died and then were miraculously raised from the dead in New Hampshire. Who said the Right has a hammerlock on religion?

2) No one west of the Colorado River cares about Arizona and its problems. Judging from the lackadaisical way the budget deficit is being handled, I don't think anyone west of 17th Avenue cares as well.

3) I have just found out that the Chinese have named their new aircraft carrier after the Ming-era admiral who took Taiwan. I suppose I should be worried about this. However some of the naval vets in my group said that in case said ship should ever be used to re-take Taiwan, that sunken aircraft carriers make for excellent artificial reefs.