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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris co-writes an entire piece with Mayor Gordon for the Arizona Republic on immigration and states that:
  • Phoenix police officers should have all the tools necessary to go after the criminals and to make our community safe.
  • We should do everything possible to get all criminals off of our streets while at the same time protecting everyone's civil and human rights.
  • That input from a committee of learned individuals is welcome and of great value
  • That immigration is a federal issue and that the solution must come at the national level.
  • That the public have patience with them while they work through this very difficult issue
I am not sure why they need to appeal to the public for patience because I don't think there is a soul on our great city who doesn't think the police shouldn't be properly equipped or fight crime.
However most residents would respectfully disagree with on the value of advice developed by committees.

If you read the whole thing, you'll notice Harris and Gordon both keep referring to "immigration" but never use the term "illegal" as if the issue was whether those here legally on say tourist and work visas should be checked on by the police.

Two of the most powerful men in America's 5th largest city are given valuable space in the op-ed space of the state's leading newspaper and they cannot even differentiate the legal status between those who come to our city legally and those who sneak across the border?

Remember Mayor Gordon just won re-election with one of the biggest margins of victory int he city's history. In fact he hasn't even started his second term yet and still he cannot he face an issue near and dear to many of his city's residents head-on.