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Friday, December 14, 2007
Andrew Thomas....

... call your office

From the East Valley Tribune

(Chandler Gilbert Community College VP) Mason testified that college lawyers believe the district’s policy supersedes this state law.

I am sure there is a context to Mr. Mason's argument that wasn't reported but for a public agency(Maricopa County Community College District) that has had a litany of revelations regarding audit issues, fraud, and even a raid of its files and computers by the Maricopa County Sheriff.... I sure wouldn't be saying such things.

If that didn't warm the cockles of Maricopa taxpayers, another part of the article should....

The context of the article was the reinstatement of a fired community college employee. The person in question repeatedly arrived to work late and once abandoned her post, indeed the entire campus for an hour. Oh and one minor detail, the employee in question was a security officer.

The officer's supervisor documented her transgressions with a video camera and as he said in an interview last week “I found an employee who was stealing from the district.”

The kicker wasn't so much her reinstatement, I don't want to get into the technicalities of labor law and policy, but rather what one of the employee's supporters said:

Cleopatra Martinez, the head of Phoenix College’s math department and a vocal Sutton supporter, said that Sutton’s transgressions did not warrant firing, at least not at the Maricopa colleges.

“Otherwise you’re going to have to start firing virtually all of us,” she said.

Oh really?