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Monday, October 29, 2007
Thoughts from a Sports Weekend

Nice to know that ESPN has switched its Friday night programming from meaningless college football to even more meaningless NBA preseason games.... Ira Newable fever, catch it!

I guess congratulations are in order for a given baseball team from New England, but I am too small a man for that. I think I can take small consolation that they will have J.D. Drew on the roster for the next 4 years.

Late last month I just knew the Rockies would go ice cold at some point in time but why couldn't they have done it 4 games earlier?

After 25 years, my opinion has still not changed; Tim McCarver is an idiot. Where's Deion Sanders and a bucket of Gatorade when you need him?

The early Saturday game on ABC had all the makings of a classic. I could care less about West Virgina and Rutgers, what I meant was the weather... late October game in the Northeast with driving rain. Mud city. The only problem is Rutgers plays on an artificial turf field. Perhaps on weekends when they expect rain within a given region, ABC could locate any decent match-up played on a grass field and dispatch a crew to televise it.... maybe put the TV guys on "rain alert" and send them out on 12-hour notice anywhere in the country just like Rapid Deployment Force. Any such game has to better than the Big-12 North game of the week on FSN.

As far as ASU, I am starting to believe. I have a bad feeling about this Saturday in Eugene against the Quack Attack but still.......