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Wednesday, October 3, 2007
The Lonely Train to Nowhere

Thomas over at Bear Droppings follows up on my earlier post regarding the commuter rail story in the Republic with a link to a more detailed analysis at Coyote Blog. While I disagree with important details of the post, mostly he feels that we could lease each rider a new Prius for what New Mexico is paying to operate the system while I'm thinking of a Corolla, he is right right on.

The money graph which tells us about the AZ Republic and its reporting style:

I am just all aglow for Sharon. But does the project make sense for the taxpayers of the city and the state (and probably nation) that funded it? Well, we don't know. Because the AZ Republic writes 56 paragraphs lauding the system without once telling us anything about the system performance. Does it cover its costs? Are city roads visibly less congested? Is there a net energy savings? Is there measurably less pollution? We don't know. All we know is that three people, Geronimo Trujillo, Briana Duran, and Sharon, like it.