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Tuesday, October 2, 2007
The Hammer of God(dard)

From today's EV Valley Trib:

The Arizona Supreme Court last week refused to reinstate the single conflict-of-interest charge against Ross that had been thrown out earlier this year by an appeals court.

Ross, a Gilbert Republican, was indicted on three felony charges in May 2004. He beat two of the charges during his December 2004 trial. He was convicted on a single count of conflict of interest, but that conviction was overturned in January when the Arizona Court of Appeals concluded he did not misuse his office when he used a public record kept by the agency in a part-time business venture.

Corrupt politicians is a serious issue, as the whole mess in Washington indicates. However as this Trib report indicates, AZ Attorney General Goddard's prosecutorial record on the issue involves no convictions on corruption or fraud but instead on reporting technicalities. Nice to know Arizona has cleared up its act since AZScam