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Wednesday, October 24, 2007
For the Good of America.... The Red Sox Must Lose

Given the score of tonight’s game this is probably the wrong time to be writing this but spitting into the wind is a bad habit of mine

America loves the underdog, the little guy. Sure we drive cars made and fueled by multinational behemoths, take our fashion cues from celebrities who look down their nose at us, and pretend if we drink the proper mass produced beer that chicks will like us. However when it comes to sports or movies we want to see David give Goliath a Purple Nurple, a Wet Willie, or dare I say it the Dreaded Rear Admiral.

After all no one roots for the government in E.T. … well I did, I cried when I found out that the little punk was alive and it wasn’t tears of joy.

Let’s take this year’s World Series.

In one corner, we have the Colorado Rockies. A team that has been hotter than a new pair of snow tires for about a month. A team loaded with guys who either make the minimum or are cast-offs from other teams. A team that pretty much had to every game the last 2 weeks of the season just to make the playoffs and they did. A team you could root for and identify with.

In the other corner we have the Red Sox.

Back when I started watching baseball 30 years ago, the Red Sox were a monster. Full of homegrown bashers like Yaz, Pudge, Rice, and Lynn. Blue collar, lunch pail type of team. They played gutsy baseball and went down to the wire with the Big Red Machine and the gilt-edged Yanks. I didn’t care for them, didn’t really liked them because they scared me. I still have nightmares from a Monday Night Baseball game in early 1978 where it seemed every Sox batter was hitting it into the corner and taking extra bases.

That team was followed by the 1986 Series team. “Nuff said. Personally I blame it all on Calvin Schiraldi.

Then you had the 2004 Series team. Bunch of idiots who hung loose, played together, and had some of the best chemistry I ever saw. Damon, Varitek, and even a Nixon. Even though they had a sky high payroll, they were a loveable group of character guys who were trying to do something that hadn’t been done since the Wilson Administration.

Then you have this year’s team… which has all the home grown charm of the moneybags Yanks. A team that used its immense revenue to construct a bloated roster through free agency, assuming contracts from poorer teams, and posting fees.

Take the third baseman, Mike Lowell, decent guy. With some good stats… maybe not $9 million per season worth of stats but for the Sox to get Josh Beckett from the Marlins, they had to take Lowell’s bloated contract as well… and sign Beckett to a huge contract as well because the Marlins couldn’t afford to pay him. Nice to know that the Marlins are the 21st Century version of the Kansas City A’s.

Take Manny Ramirez, all 8 years $160 million of him. Largest contract ever this side of Alex Rodriguez. Yeah he’s got a great bat but the man is a disaster area in the outfield, they should probably DH him but they are already paying another about $13 million per year to do that.

Finally last offseason, the team threw more than $200 million for the world-beating trio of Daisuke Matsuzaka, Julio Lugo, and J.D. Drew…. once you start doing that you have finished burying the image of yourselves as the lineal descendant of 2004 and instead are Yankees North.

This is team we want to crown World Series camps for America’s Past Time? A team so large and so wealthy that it can give J.D. “75%” Drew a $70 million contract?


If there is any justice in his world, and there isn’t, the Sox will lose….. but you know how it will go and this Series will have all the charm of a Donald Trump line of cologne.