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Thursday, September 6, 2007
The Hsu-casaurus

So what does this say about America?

Man is convicted of fraud, escapes country before sentencing, goes to Hong Kong

Several years later re-enters country, sets up shop in Silicon Valley as an investor, police are stumped about his whereabouts.

Becomes prominent donor to key Democrats including Eliot Spitzer, Andrew Cuomo, and Hillary Clinton. Becomes a member of the board of trustees of the New School. Police still cannot find the elusive fugitive.

Man's whereabouts are finally located. He turns himself in, posts $2 million bail, and is ordered to turn in passport because after all he has been known to flee the country to escape justice. Says he cannot find the passport, is allowed to walk, and then doesn't show up for his court date.

Police are no doubt stumped.

The man Norman Hsu.

Now what is it with the Clintons, campaign finance irregularities, and people with Chinese connections?

Also where did Hsu get the money?