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Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Golden D'Ohmer

One of the thoroughly enjoyable parts of this college football season is watching Notre Dame get its collective butt kicked.

I wasn't always this way about the Fighting Irish. I used to think what was good for them was good for college football, sort of like we all needed a storied program to carry the torch.

The straw that broke the camel's back was their treatment of Tyrone Willingham. Now we in the PAC know Mr. Willingham quite well given his coaching stints at Stanford and Washington. A good man and a pretty good coach. He took the Notre Dame job after the school ran into the George O'Leary fiasco. He wasn't the first choice for the job, but received accolades for his work during the first season. The next two years were sub-par and despite Notre Dame's reputation for giving coaches 5 years (see Gerry Faust), Willingham was given the boot. Hero to goat in a little over 24 months, never had the chance to suit up his own senior class of recruits.

In comes Charlie Weis, a man who was never a head coach above the high school level. His first season, using players recruited from the Willingham era, he racks up a first year record one win shy of the guy they just fired. His reward? They give a man a 10-year extension and proclaim him a minor coaching deity. The next year, still largely using recruits from the Willingham Era, he goes 10-3 but that includes 2 season-ending butt whippings.

This year Weis starts 0-2 and despite his reputation as an offensive genius, his team has failed to score a single offensive touchdown.

Given the precedent set by the Willingham firing, I not only expect Weis to be fired at the end of the year but forced to use every last dollar of his multi-million dollar buy-out to purchase every piece of writing that mention his name in the same sentence as the word "genius."