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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Last year on this day I wrote a long post on my personal impressions of that day. I'm not going to do that again except to say that the sorrow and rage of that day still burns.

Like last year I will point you to a story about a man who died that day, one of those people you probably never heard of before but when you read his story you will wonder why you haven't. It's a story of a life well-lived.

The link is to the article in the New Yorker, The Real Heroes are Dead: A Love Story and the book which is based on the article is Heart of a Soldier

Take a 1/2 hour and read the article, you'll be glad you did. If you get a chance to read the book, you'll be even the better for it because it closes with the following:

The book closes with the words of Hill, who remained Rescorla's best friend until his death. His haunting words form a fitting tribute to Rescorla:

"One of my life's biggest regrets is that I couldn't have been with Rick at the moment of his great challenge and crisis of his life. Then again, maybe it was so destined, because if I didn't survive, there would be nobody left to tell the story.

"Kipling wrote that 'all men should count with you, but none too much.' I failed there. Rick counted as the world to me.

"Somebody cautioned that if a person or thing means the world to you, and you lose that person or thing, then you have lost the world. I lost the world when Rick died."

Never forget