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Wednesday, August 8, 2007
Where was Mike?

I have been out of town the past week on a family vacation, Griswold-style, to the natural scenic wonder of Utah and northern Arizona. Some observations:

1) The vacation-length stamina of an 8- year old when it comes to appreciating America’s scenic wonder is about 5 minutes of the first day

2) The strength of a cheap fishing pole purchased at Wal Mart is sufficient to catch anchovies without breaking. Under no circumstances should you bait said pole with an anchovy as you will soon encounter the 5-pound pike that eats anchovies. On the other hand, 5-pound pikes are quite delicious, especially when cooked over a wood fire after being skewered with your broken pole. ..

3) The sociology of the North Rim trails of the Grand Canyon are markedly different than those of the South Rim. While the North Kaibab trail is lightly traveled, the Bright Angel trail on the South Rim is a circus. As far as I can tell, there are 3 main groups:

  • hikers who have ventured down said trail to better enjoy one of the Earth’s great natural wonders
  • families who have ventured down for the same reason, gone too far, and have turned what is supposed to be a life-enriching experience into a death march
  • families who are similar in every respect to the ones above but come from countries that apparently feel that deodorants are a peculiar American artifact and refuse to be infected by the local custom.