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Friday, August 24, 2007
Phoenix and Singles

This is sort of cutting-edge stuff you can only get during a hotly contested mayoral election.

Today the AZ Republic reports that Phoenix is the 15th best US city for singles as ranked by Forbes based on criteria such as "nightlife, culture, job growth, number of singles, cost of living alone and online dating. "

Apparently this year, Forbes added a feature where it names the most eligible bachelor and bachelorette for each city, this year naming Matt Leinart and Jenn Hoffman. It also helpfully adds that Mr. Leinart once dated Paris Hilton and Ms. Hoffman is currently linked to KMLE-FM (107.9) personality Scott "Shappy" Shapiro.

I think someone needs to tell Ms. Hoffman to dump Shappy and upgrade to someone better.

However right before this dignity-enhancing moment, the Republic quotes Mayor Phil Gordon on why Phoenix fell from #3 on the same list last year.

"The ranking from last year to this year simply shows that a lot of those single people are now married," reasons Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon.

Ahh Mr. Mayor? The list is about best place for singles, not most singles.

You know, since the Valley cities are busy trying to attract young, hot creative class talent with light rail and downtown subsidies and I assume such people are single... why is Phoenix sliding backwards in this all-important category? At the rate Phoenix is sliding, by the time light rail opens up in late 2008 we could be Cleveland-like in our rating