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Sunday, August 12, 2007
One Ping Only

The funny thing about the whole Barry Bonds saga is that at the time he was alleged to have begun cheating, after the 1998 season, his resume was the following:

1) Verge of breaking the 500-homer mark

2) Three MVPs, tied for most all-time

3) 8 Gold Gloves

He also had a special blend of power and speed with close to 450 stolen bases and with several 30-30 and one 40-40 seasons.

So as of the end of 1998 he had 2 things about him- he was destined for the Hall of Fame and was well-regarded as a complete jerk. Since that time how has he improved that resume?

  • He is still regarded as a jerk
  • Has people wondering if there is some way they could keep him out of the Hall of Fame
  • Has people calculating how fast Alex Rodriguez can break Bonds' HR record
  • Of course the rumors of indictment for tax evasion and BALCO
Has Barry Bonds improved his life through medicine?