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Tuesday, August 14, 2007
The Menace

SAJU mentions a menace that has long concerned... well since June when my 8-year old started asking for a pair.

Of course I'm talking about Heelys

You've probably seen them, kids shoes which look normal but with a quick flick of the wheel in the heel turns them into instant roller skates.

The problem is not with the product, which is innovative, but how its target market makes use of them. Cannot tell you how many times in a public setting, crowded setting, you see a kid weaving in and out using one of those things. There are never pleasant feelings left in the wake of those things. In fact they are banned from many schools.

Please don't tell Father John but I noticed one kid gliding back from communion and his locomotion wasn't due to the power of the sacrament. I was about to take abrupt action when I thought I saw Sister Mary David looking at me, I'm in enough trouble with her already.