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Monday, August 20, 2007
Great Moments in Federalism

Yet another sign that I no longer live in Congressional District 6...

In the mail was a constituent letter from my Congressman, Ed Pastor. There was an article about Mr. Pastor leading a delegation to meet with Mexican lawmakers and another about easing nursing shortages in fast-growing states but the rest are real pork-barrel charmers:

Page 1: "Congress Addressing District Needs"

Well okay, I might disagree with the rah-rah message that the Democrats are bringing a new direction to Congress but at least the message is national in character

Page 2: "$90 million for light rail"
" $12.8 million for Salt River Restoration project"
"$300,000 for college bilingual nursing programs"
"$100,000 for Laveen Community Center"
"$100,000 for Maryvale Revitalization"

Just in case you missed the point; a footer at the bottom of Page 2 "Rep Ed Pastor has been instrumental in securing House support for these projects"

Page 3: "More Local Projects Receive House's Okay"

Page 4: "Ground Breaks for New Pedestrian Bridge for Safety of Isaac Middle School Pupils"

Thank goodness this bridge wasn't built in Alaska

Page 5: "Rep. Pastor: Carver Museum would Get Funding Under House Bill"

Page 6: "Rep Pastor Recognized for work in Congress for equality and leadership"

Ah yes, leadership.... Rep Pastor bringing home the bacon and ensuring that the country pays for what Arizonans won't pay for themselves