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Thursday, August 16, 2007
Even the Dead Shall Rise to My Aid

There must be a ballot initiative somewhere designed to raise my taxes to fund because I see arguments like this in the Arizona Republic:

You may have read a July 28 column by Roy Miller urging Phoenix voters to reject the citizen-organized public safety initiative, Proposition 1, in the September election.

As if on cue, events of that day made it clear why Proposition 1 enjoys the support of citizens from across the city and why it is so badly needed. The day before Miller suggested we set aside public safety priorities, Valley citizens witnessed two incidents that underscore our desperate need for additional police and firefighters in Phoenix.

First, an hourlong automobile hijack-pursuit led to the crash of two TV news helicopters and the deployment of dozens of public safety personnel across the city. Later that evening, a Phoenix police officer was shot and killed after being called to the scene of a fraudulent check-cashing incident.

Who can argue that public safety personnel are not worth an additional 2 cents on every $10 we spend?

I have very deep reservations, given the way the City of Phoenix's budget has increased the past two years, about the necessity of Proposition 1. However linking the need for a tax increase to the death of a Phoenix police officers and the collision of two news choppers is well... faulty logic. Would more police on the street mean those choppers wouldn't have collided? What it mean that Officer Cortez would be alive today?

The writer of the piece? Alex Tauber, "co-chair of Phoenix Safety First, the campaign to support Proposition 1"

I'll come up with a counter-argument against Prop. 1 later.