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Wednesday, August 15, 2007
Byung-Hyun Kim 2.0 is Over

The D'backs cut the man loose after 2 disastrous starts.

I was at the game last week when he made his first start and the only man who was ever booed like that from start to finish was Barry Bonds.

The thing about Kim was that when came up in 1999, he was a great story; young (20) middle reliever with dynamic stuff. When Mantei went down as the closer in 2001, Kim stepped up into the role and we all know what happened during that World Series.

I don't think Kim had the make-up to be a closer, though he did alright during the 2002 season. He's tried starting for a few teams and it looks like he has hit the end of the line. Had Mantei never went down in 2001, I bet you Kim would have found a niche as a middle reliever, swing starter and had a nice career.

Too bad how it worked out. Maybe he get together with Nick Anderson and Scott Norwood and come up with some sort of play on Broadway