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Monday, July 30, 2007
Tears for Strangers

There are some bloggers who are pointing to stories in the media about people expressing their sympathy and respects at Indian Steele Park, site of last week's collision of two TV news choppers that resulted in the death of 4 people.

Why such feelings for strangers?

I really don't watch local news so I'm pretty much checked out of this story in the emotional department, but it does remind me of something from my younger days.

When I was kid, we watched the same local news station out of Philadelphia. Devoid of most of the goofiness of the other local news telecasts and the production had, dare I say it, some gravitas. Well I had just started high school when the weatherman was killed in a sky diving accident. This was a guy I had watched since I was in pre-school and of course I was stunned.

Now we lived too far outside of town to go drop off flowers or anything and Philly is too rough of a town to show such sentimentality but I will remember to my dying day the look on the face of the Sunday evening anchorman when he reported the story. He was calm, collected, and yet shattered at the same time... I had never seen such a look before or since