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Wednesday, July 25, 2007
The Snore is On

The last, yet hardly great, hope for the Phoenix mayoral election to be at least mildly entertaining disappeared yesterday when more than half of Al Sharpton protege Jarrett Maupin's signatures were tossed by the city clerk.

The 20-year-old candidate turned in 3,920 signatures, but the majority were not from registered voters. Additionally, Gordon's campaign challenged hundreds of them, saying they had been gathered by convicted felons. Felons are ineligible to collect signatures because they cannot legally register to vote, City Clerk Mario Paniagua said. The city disqualified signatures from nine of Maupin's petition gatherers, invalidating 184 signatures that would have put Maupin over the top

Basically Maupin got over half his signatures tossed.

Too bad for me because I had a post outlining a plan for Maupin to make some headway in this campaign... but I don't think too bad for Maupin. Somehow he'll use this denial as a publicity platform. After all this was the same character who gained the public spotlight for calling Brophy racist and was arrested at a Phoenix Union High School District board meeting because he couldn't figure out how the public comment policy worked.

So that leaves only one person left to challenge Gordon on the ballot.... Steve Lory

Sigh... the election for the top spot in America's 5th largest city and we get all the competition and excitement of a school board election