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Sunday, July 8, 2007
The Man Cave

Last week I applied a beating to the retail clones that have spread across the Valley, where cities throw money to lure malls and power centers filled with the same old stores and restaurants.

I would like to tell you of an exception.

Last Saturday I was introduced to a store located in a small cluster of buildings between Chandler Blvd and Chandler Fashion Square. Within 15 minutes:

* I had selected a fine cigar from an extensive humidor

* I had ensconced myself on a luxurious leather couch

* I was served with a tasty beer (Stone Smoker Porter)

* The D'backs game was on the big screen in the lounge

* While it was 110 outside, I was in air conditioned comfort on the inside.

Beer, tobacco, sports, and camaraderie... heaven is must be a grand place indeed.

The place? Matchstix... give them your business and tell them Nadine Basha sent ya.

DISCLAIMER: My term "man cave" should not be taken to mean that women are excluded though one gent showed up saying he had an hour before he had to return home for more housework. My wife loves baseball, enjoys a good beer, doesn't mind cigar smoke, and is only repulsed by the lack of peanuts and sunflower seeds with which to watch the game.

DISCLAIMER 2: My reference to heaven is not imply the Father and Son spend their time lighting up stogies, drinking fine ale, and watching sports especially given the way the D'backs play. However I had such a simple yet enjoyable experience that not only did I think I had a religious experience but I did pay more attention at church on Sunday