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Monday, July 9, 2007
I am a Racist

So says Arizona Republic columnist Joe Garcia


"They must learn English!"

"They must learn English!"

Anti-immigrant forces have that stipulation atop their laundry list of what must be done before Spanish-speaking newcomers can ever even be considered to become new Americans.

I do have that stipulation as well considering that one of the requirements to become a naturalized citizen, with only a few exceptions for long-resident older applicants, is a working knowledge of English

Meanwhile, lawmakers ended their 2007 session without addressing a federal judge's order to increase state funding for English-language learner programs.

Arizona could face millions of dollars in fines for stubbornly failing to act.

And how many phone calls of "They must learn English!" do you think legislators are getting?

This is at best a strawman... I would suggest that Mr. Garcia dial-up fellow Republic columnist Robert Robb who has written extensively on the subject. The fact is the Arizona Legislature has appropriated money for English language learner programs but not to the extent that US District Court judge Raner Collins finds acceptable. The matter is up for review by the US 9th Circuit Court. You can disagree with what the Legislature has done, but you cannot say that they have failed to address the issue except in the sense that they failed to allow a federal judge to dictate specific amounts of appropriations.

That would be my guess, too.

This is just another item on a much-longer laundry list of hypocrisies that anti-immigration fanatics carry in their back pocket.

Failure to do exactly as Mr. Garcia wishes or he will have you branded a hypocrite...

The truth be told, they don't want more brown people coming here. Period.

....and he will have you branded a racist. That's right, Mr. Garcia and I differ on approaches to funding English language learner programs so I must hate "brown people." There is no reasonable room to disagree on policy.

Sorry, but Arizona -- rich in Mexican culture and history -- will never be Wisconsin.

Neither will be Mississippi or New Hampshire, states that are unique in their own rich local culture, but what's your point? That to make those who aspire to American citizenship learn English is a racist act?