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Wednesday, July 25, 2007
The Hatchet Man Can

Has Mario Diaz gone to work for NY Governor Spitzer?

Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s aides, including one of his closest advisers, improperly used the State Police to gather information about the governor’s chief rival, Joseph L. Bruno, the State Senate majority leader, in an effort to plant a negative story about Mr. Bruno and damage him politically, according to a report on Monday by the attorney general’s office.

Maybe Spitzer thought Mr. Bruno was covering up corporate crimes or something; way to go!

Two points of background:

1) Spitzer made his political bones in New York as the state AG in pursuing corporate crime that was normally within the jurisdiction of the federal government. I guess your view of how he did depends on where you stand but the head of the US Chamber of Commerce said that Spitzer's actions were "the most egregious and unacceptable form of intimidation we've seen in this country in modern times"

Read the whole article and you start to see a pattern

2) As far as Diaz goes, I'm joking.... well sort of. Yes I know in the Piestewa Peak case Mario Diaz didn't use law enforcement as a political hammer or perform any sort of criminal misconduct; he just called the employers of people who stood in the way of his boss's will.