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Wednesday, July 4, 2007
Happy Independence Day

A quick thought...

Back in 1776 when the Founding Fathers gathered to sign the Declaration of Independence, they pledged their "life, liberty, and sacred honor." Let's take a moment to think what that meant.

These men were for the most promiment men in the American colonies in terms of fame, wealth, and intellectual achievement. Take a quick sampling of the Fortune 500 and public intellectuals of today and you'll have a basic idea of the caliber of people who were present in Philadelphia. Yet each of these men in a supreme act of courage put all of that at risk by openly signing a document that made them rebels against the British Crown, an act punishable by death.

In a piece last week for the Wall Street Journal, David McCullough pointed out that many of the signers did not affix their signatures to the Declaration until well after July 4th. That meant those men made this open act of rebellion after a massive British invasion fleet arrived at New York City. Perhaps some of them did not sign until after Washington's army was chased out of Manhattan, nearly escaping destruction.

You wonder if those men felt the noose around their necks as they wrote their names.

Men of honor and courage.

Eat your heart out George Soros