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Wednesday, July 18, 2007
The All-Seeing Eye of Skip

If you haven't heard already, former Phoenix Mayor Skip Rimsza's house burned down the other night. While bummer doesn't begin to describe the feeling in the Rimsza family right now, no one got hurt; so let's be thankful.

El Gringo has a post expressing curiosity on why Skip decided to live by Tatum and Shea instead of along the Central Corridor or the Biltmore. I can see two reasons why:

First Skip lives south of the intersection in that area of Tatum my wife likes to think of as "north Paradise Valley" or in other words as close as you can get to living there but still be able to be run for office in Phoenix.

Second, Dr. Franciosi writes:

Heck, Tatum and Shea are probably not close to even the 50-year buildout of light rail. It's not even near the Dreamy Draw park-n-ride.

I'm sorry to say but the light rail is scheduled to be completed as far as Paradise Valley Mall, a mere mile or so from Skip Manor, by 2025. Not even close to 50 years. Of course by 2025 we'll be using flying cars flown by monkey butlers and MAG will still be saying we're just one more light-rail extension from getting the whole system out of the red.


Planet Utah and Espresso Pundit have posts on the quixotic tragedy of Skip's aborted run for Secretary of State.