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Wednesday, June 27, 2007
For a Job Well Done?

MCCCD Resigns Chancellor for 3 More Years... and gets a raise.

Apparently when it was uncovered (by the press, not the college) that in the past year Maricopa County Community College officials...

* swept criminal wrong-doing and nepotism under the rug

* looked the other way on academic fraud that cost the tax payers, both county and state, thousands of dollars

* had a broken audit system where auditor reports were often ignored and where some board members were kept in the dark about audit problems while others refused to attend audit committee meetings

* is the target of an ongoing criminal investigation by the county sheriff and attorney

.... it's entirely appropriate to reward a guy who was not only the CEO for the past 4 years when all this stuff broke but before then was the CFO responsible designing the system that allowed these things to flourish.

There is no question that this has been a very challenging year, with many flaws in the district brought to light, said board president Linda Rosenthal.

Though the chancellor deserves a share of the blame, she said he is also the right man to reform the colleges.

Gosh if you get 3 years and a raise for your share of the blame how many years and how big a raise do you get for actually doing a good job?

Btw.... back in 2002, MCCCD gave then current chancellor Fred Gaskin a spanking new 3-year contract and ended up firing him a year later, costing the district hundreds of thousands of dollars in a buyout