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Thursday, June 21, 2007
Endless Summer

This is probably an obligatory post for any Phoenix-based blogger....

Today is the first day of summer. Now pretty much nationwide, people consider the first day of summer to be either Memorial Day weekend or when school lets out but here in Phoenix we have the additional complication that the temperature was above 90 degrees a few months ago.
After all you cannot call it springtime weather when the temperature is 95, no what month it is.

So when is the first semi-official day of summer in Phoenix?

Is it the first day when the temperature hits 100 degrees? That was April...

Is it the first day when the temperature goes above 110? That was a few weeks ago...

Is it the first day when you can use the pool? That was in April....

Is it the first day when you cannot get the ice cream home from the store without melting though you only live 1/2 mile away?

Is it the first day somebody cracks the joke "...but it's a a dry heat"

Is it when the neighbors stop having friends visit them from the Midwest and instead start to visit their friends in San Diego?

Is it the day the Suns get eliminated from the playoffs?