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Friday, June 29, 2007
The Black Box

In reading (what seems to be ) countless columns and editorials in the aftermath of yesterday's failed immigration bill, the overwhelming consensus seems to be the country missed a great opportunity and the Republicans are to blame.

As to those 2 points, maybe I'll address them another time.

However what's more striking about these pieces is their silence regarding the speed of which the bill's proponents tried to get it passed.

Let's leave aside the failed effort to get the bill passed through the Senate before Memorial Day. When it was reintroduced this week to the Senate floor, the 400-page bill was accompanied by about a dozen amendments. Neither the bill nor its amendments had gone through the committee process or gone through any sort of public vetting despite the fact that the bill language was complex and technical. In short it was a document dump. On top of that, the full Senate had about 48 hours to review, debate, and deal with the amendments before voting on cloture.

Smell funny to you?

Like the supporters of the bill didn't dare expose this bill to democratic debate?

Keep in mind that this is the Senate which is noted for "... pour(ing) legislation into the senatorial saucer to cool it." Instead there was a concerted effort to ram through a complicated and controversial piece of legislation; which for all the rhetoric about amnesty and solving national problems, the process alone commends this bill to a well-deserved demise.

I understand that this summer was great timing to get this legislation passed; a Democratic Congress, a lame-duck Republican President eager for one great domestic accomplishment. However those basics were all there back in November and there is no excuse for ramming this through.